Table Boring TOS W9A

Boring M/C Table Type


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Machine type
Table Type Boring Machine


Ahmedabad - India
Country of origin
Czech Republic
Term of delivery
ex works

Technical details
Spindle dia
90 mm
Cross Travel
1250 mm
Vertical Travel
1120 mm
Spindle stock
700 mm
spindle taper
Morse 5
1800 x 1120 mm
table load capacity
3000 kg
spindle speed:
1400 rpm
Diameter of face plate
480 mm
Main Electric motor
7,5 kW
weight of the machine ca.
11200 kg
dimensions of the machine ca.
Other information

Boring spindle diameter: 90 mm
Inner taper of boring spindle: Morse 5
Hollow spindle diameter: 180-181 mm
Max travel of boring spindle: 700 mm
Limits of:
-Boring spindle revs: 28-1400 rpm
-Hollow spindle feeds (18 steps): 12,5-600 mm/min
-Headstock feeds in vertical direction (18 steps): 0,16-0,8 mm/rev
Limits of faceplate cutting carriage feeds:
-For cutting of metrical threads (18 steps): 0,25-12 mm/rev
-For cutting of inch threads (24 steps; thread/1"): 120-2
Fast travel of hollow spindle, of headstock in vertical direction
and of cutting carriage: 2400 mm/min
Max radial travel of faceplate cutting carriage: 170 mm
Diameter of faceplate disc: 480 mm
Max processing diameter of faceplate by support: 710 mm
Distance between spindle axis and working table area: 0-1120 mm

Dimensions of working table area: 1800x1120 mm
Height of working area above floor: 900 mm
Width of clamping T-slots: 22 H8 mm
Interaxal distances between T-slots: 125; 75 mm
Diameter of centering hole on working table area: 180 H6 mm
Depth of centering hole: 10 mm
Max table travel:
-Transversal: 1250 mm
-Longitudinal: 1400 mm
Table turn angle: 360 degrees
Max work-piece weight: 3000 kg
Limits of table feeds:
-In longitudinal direction (18 steps): 12,5-600 mm/min
-In transversal direction (18 steps): 0,16-0,8 mm/rev
-For cutting of metrical threads (18 steps): 0,25-12 mm/rev
-For cutting of inch threads (24 steps; thread/1"): 120-2
Fast table travel in longitudinal and transversal direction: 2400 mm/min

Distance between:
-End of hollow spindle and front end of lunette bearing: 2820 mm
-Bearing axis and working table area: 20-1120 mm
Fast bearing travel on the height: 1620 mm/min
Diameter of bearing hole: 150 H7 mm

Main electric motor: 7,5 kW; 1455 rpm
Electric motor of lunette: 0,55 kW; 2780 rpm
Electric motor for tool clamping: 0,18 kW; 1380 rpm

-Length: 3925 mm
-Width: 2474 mm
-Height: 2635 mm
Weight: 11200 kg

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Category : Boring M/C Table Type

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